Trailer | “I will speak, I will speak”

Trailer for the documentary “I will speak, I will speak”. 5 people from all over the world speak about how HIV is affecting their lives.

Tom (London) wanted to commit suïcide when someone posted on Facebook: “Tom has got HIV and he’s infecting other people”. Shambala has HIV from when she was very young. Because of the judgements and the discrimination, she has never told any of her friends. Alyona and Dmitri (Moskou) met on a dating-site for HIV infected people, while at that time Dmitri was in prison. They want to have another baby. George (San Francisco) moved out to San Francisco when he found out he had AIDS in the 80’s, to be amongst other gay men who have this virus. Shrey (Phnom Penh) is a transgender who works in the sex-industry. She got infected trough one of her customers. These 5 different people from 5 different continents tell their story of how they survived the biggest issues around being HIV infected.

Broadcasted on Dutch National Television: NPO / 2Doc / VPRO / August 22 2018 / 22.35

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