Mwamba | Trailer

It’s difficult for young people with HIV in Zambia. Because of the big stigma associated with HIV it’s not easy to talk about this virus openly.

Many young people are living with a huge secret.
Disclosure; sharing your HIV status with others, is a complicated and fraught affair.
Mwamba conducts his own, tough fight with HIV.
Unfortunately he died, 3 weeks after we shot this touching portrait.


For four years the Les Enfants Terribles’ creative team travelled the world filming, interviewing and photographing PLWHIV. Men, women, young and old, from all levels of society were visited in 12 countries on 5 continents. This yielded hundreds of films, thousands of photos and many written texts. All this material which included presentations, screenings, documentaries and exhibitions was shared with the world via the website The goal of portraying the community so broadly and to allow it to speak for itself is simple; it is the most effective weapon in fighting stigma, it combats prejudice, encourages self-awareness and the emancipation of PLWHIV as well as being an indispensable weapon in defeating HIV and AIDS.

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